Monday, May 26, 2014


This time last  years things weren’t going any well for me. I’d cry all day because people hit and insult me. Friends don’t invite me out because I’m so fat. I spent a lot of time playing computer games in my bedroom and I only left home to go to the school.

Everything changed for me the day that my mum decides to take me to a psychologist. He teaches me to be sociable. Since this day, I’m a very sociable person and I met a lot of people. In two weeks I make twenty new friends and now I have 55 more or less.

Now, I feel much happier. I invite my friends at home and they invite me! We play some sports and I’m better at school too. If my mum hadn’t take me to a psychologist, I’d never have had all that friends.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello my name's Marta and today I'm talking about my last summer. First I’m talking about my stay in Serdenya, second about Barcelona and finally about my return to Banyoles.

Well, we start.

First I went to Serdenya with my family. I stayed for ten days. In there, I went to the beach, visited the monuments, Alguer, the city Phoenician and Roman... I went to the beach in the mornings. This island, hides a lot of history. It was a very interesting and unforgettable experience.

Second, I went to Barcelona. I went to visit my grandfather. I stayed in my grandfather's house for three weeks with my cousins. In there, I did my holidays homework, I went shopping, and to the swimming to the pool...

Finally, I returned to Banyoles. In there, I met friends, I celebrated my birthday, I finished the homework and prepared for the school. It was a sense of routine. Thus, we can say that a few days were very strange.

This has been my summer holiday.

I hope you liked it.


Converse comes from the name Marquis Converse Starts Converse Company. Converse was founded in 1808. The first shoes were made ​​rubber and canvas. But shoes aren’t for sport.
Converse became popular in 1920s, when made ​​special shoes for basketball. Then, the brand was called Converse All Star, promoted by players.
Later went on to make the official NBA shoes. Since that time, was popular among artists and musicians.
Currently, they are very popular. The company was sold to Nike in 2003. Why they are so popular. 2008 sold about 950 pairs.

Monday, May 12, 2014


This story takes place in the year 180, D.C. It is bout Maximus Decimus Meridius a great Hispanic general who led the armies of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius to numerous victories. Marcus Aurelius, after the battle in Germania, communicates privately to Maximus that we wants to leave him before as the news Emperor his death.
When Commodus knows, it beforethe official announcement. Although the official cause of death is the old age of Marcus  Aurelius, Maximus realizes that his son has killed him. Maxc manages to escape and gets  hurtaaaa, there is seens the bodies of his wike and his son burned.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In 1799 a young detective named Ichabod Crane is sent from New York to the cutskirts of twon called sleepy hollow to investigate serial murders. when Ichabod Crane to twon, the mayor's assisnat invited Balturs vas Tassel, who reported the kilingss of three people, which but could not find any. And he tells an old story about a German mercenary send to America in the war of independence, the mercenary, played by Crhistofer Walken, a soldier was much feared in the world, who was known to name culters that when with his horse (Bold) walking across the battlefield leaving on his way death and darkness, the was executed in 1779 amd burried in the woods of Sleepy Hollow.


Changing laws:
The governament plans to introduce a new law wich will mean to introduce school on Saturday mornings in orther to improve the level of education. In my view, that's a very bad thing for the students.
In the first place, I believe that school is very tiring so if the governament introduces another morning, students willl be angry and more tired. there are more reasons why I do not agree with this new law: because since 1890 (more or less) people didn't work on Saturdays and Sundys. So we can't change this law.
the governament wants to improve the level of education it has to spend more money at the schools and less on sports or another unnecessary things.

Monday, May 5, 2014


My class and I went to Italy on the Monday three of March. In the first day, we visited Pisa and Florence. In Pisa, we visited the tower, the cathedral and the baptistery. We had lunch in the same place. Later, we went to Florence by bus. In there, I went to the hotel. In Florence we went to visited a bit the city.
In the next day, we went to the Uffizi Museum. Then we had a free time and then we went to Florence Cathedral, St. Mary of the flowers. In there, I did the presentation and then we went inside. I was very surprised because I figured that was not the case. After this visit, we went to lunch. Then we went to visit the academy. Later, we went to buy the latest presents and finally we went to dinner at the same place as the Monday. In end of the day, we went for a walk to the old bridge.
The third day, we took our suitcases and we went to Rome with the fast train. When arrived we went to the hotel. Then we went to lunch. Later we went to see a basilica. Later, we went to have a look at the old forum. Then we went to the Pantheon in Rome. We visited it and then we had more free time. Then we went to the Trevi Fountain. We had free time to get photos. Later, we went to dinner. And finally, we went to a square and we had more free time.
On Thursday we went the Vatican with the bus. There we went to the museum where we found many works of art and the Sistine Chapel. Then we went to lunch. Then we visited the Basilica of St Peter and the majority of people, we went to the dome. There was an incredible sight. Then we went to visit the sculpture of the Pieta. Later, we went to the most commercial area of Rome, since he had free time and we ate an ice cream. And finally, we went to dinner at the same place of the previous day. And finally, we went back to the Pantheon, where we had more free time.
On the last day, we went to the Coliseum. But first, we made a stop to see the Moses so that Laura will make their presentation. When we arrived at our destination, we had some free time. And then we went inside. We also had free time to get photos, but I did not because I had a little headache. Then we went to lunch and we finished, we went to take the bags at the hotel. We took the bus to go to the airport. There we have a little free time, after boarding. We took the plane 20 minutes late, but we arrived in Barcelona props. Then we took the bus to school. We arrived at 1 approx.
And now I can say that I loved Italy.